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Honey Bee Gift-ful!

Gifts for all occasion and always bee oriented!

At Studier's Honeypot, we are constantly coming up with new honey based gift items and gift or holiday themed packages.

Whether it's for a birthday or a big holiday like Christmas or Valentines day -we've always got something that is affordable and just perfect for gift giving.

We offer a variety of gift items, from spa and skin care packages to packages for those shoppers with a sweat tooth.
We are always looking for unique items as well, for example the bee styled items like the bee back packs and the watering can shown to the right are just examples of the type of unique items you will find when you visit with us.

These items are generally only available for a short time, so when you see it available -you should buy it while we have it available!

Rest assured that we always have something new, interesting and unique on hand in our store area!
Edible Gift Packages:

(Stylish packaging)
We strive to offer our customers a variety of different edible packages. Often we'll mix in match special packages to allow a good mix of honey products for different tastes and offer it in a unique package.

When you give a gift of one of our specials, you are sure to be giving an impressive gift!
Natural Gift Packages:

(Items as low as $5)
Our spa or skin care packages are also carefully assembled in order to be the perfect mix of included items that are always intended to compliment each other.

We offer packages for as low as $5 so no matter what your budget, you can get or give a package from us that will always impress!

Typical package items:

(Scented Soaps)

(Variety of Scented Soaps)

(Bath bombs)

(Natural Honey)

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