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Our Newest!

Natural Holiday Gift Packages for the Holidays:

Carefully chosen packages, made up of a variety of our Bee products.

Our holiday packages make for great gift giving. Choose from packages for Skin Care, Spa or for eating on the holidays!

Our packages are geared for specific types like Skin Care packages, but we also offer variety packages, intended to give our visitors a little bit' of everything bee based!

Natural Honey Skin Care Products:

Our skin care products are made with all natural wholesome ingredients such as honey and natures love from the hive.

Honey is a natural absorbent, which retains and attracts moisture into the skin. It's natural hydrating and antioxidant healing properties trap and seal moisture, rejuvenate the skin, and cleanses your complexion leaving your skin ultra soft.

We've got lotions, creams, butter's, Honey based Salt scrubs and even Beeswax and Lip gloss.

Affordable Holiday Specials:
These items are geared for gift giving at a low price!

Available for a limited time, these are small package items that are perfect for gift giving at the office, to friends who just need to know you care.

All are small under $20 items, just right for those looking for unique inexpensive items!

Our Natural Honey Variety:

Available in a wide variety of sizes in Natural and flavors. From our small Honey bear jar ready for the table to 1lb. and 2lb. sizes for those who really like their honey!

All of the honey we sell is 100% pure honey, nothing added or any adulteration is done to our honey. Every year we can bring different tastes to our varieties; such as Wildflower and Orange Blossom due to what is blooming. Each year the rain, the amount of sun, all play a role in what plants are growing and providing nectar to our bees.

Flavored types:

Wild Flower, Orange Blossom, Gallberry and Tupelo flavors.

Studier's Honeypot
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We made the cover!
The fine folks at Effingham Living magazine stopped by to check us out and they liked what the saw -putting us on the cover for the month!

Studier's Honeypot
Around Since 1940!
Learn about Studier's Honeypot and how they got to where we are today. We still do what we did in the 40's with our bees and our bee products! Read More

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