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About Studier's Honeypot

Studier's Honeypot was founded in 1940 in Albert Lea, Minnesota:

It was back in those days when a 15 year old boy by the name of Herbert Studier bought a few hives for a hobby.

His hobby soon grew into a business and sold 325,000 lbs.. of honey a year. The harsh Minnesota climate forced Herbert to move his bees south where he met the southern belle and bride to "bee" by the name of Bessie Helmey.
They married in 1947 and had four children. Herbert's oldest son Joseph and his two children currently run the family business located in Guyton Georgia. The few hives that Herbert started with in Minnesota, have grown to over 4,000 strong.

Studier's honeypot branched out in different areas and started making candles and other beeswax items to be offered to the public.
Today the company has opened a local gift shop and now has branched out to the internet where you can now find beeswax candles, a variety of honey, beeswax and honey skin care products.

In addition we also offer a variety of different bee oriented knick knacks and other bee related items that everyone is sure to love.
The future of Studier's Honeypot has never been brighter!

Studier's Honeypot
Around Since 1940!

Studier's Honeypot
Honey Bee Rental:
Another very important service Studier's Honeypot offers is our many years of bee rentals to farmers and other growers who must have bees in order for their crops and other bee dependant living things to prosper.

You are invited to read more on just how important the common honey bee is to all of us by visiting our Honeybee Facts Page.

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