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A Taste of Studier's Honey

The world's sweetest and healthiest food:

Our Natural Honey Variety:

Available in a wide variety of sizes in Natural and flavors. From our small Honey bear jar ready for the table, to 1lb. and 2lb. sizes for those who really enjoy their honey!

Flavors such as Tupeloeo, Orange Blossom, Gallberry and Wild Flower are available in small gift packages up to our largest sizes.
Our Raw Honeycomb:

A delicacy of nature straight from the source is hand-cut from the frame and packaged.

No additional treatment or processing is done to our Honeycomb and is 100% Edible right out of the package.

Available in it's own package and is often included in our holiday specials and packages!
Raw Pollen:

Bee Pollen is considered one of nature's most completely nourishing foods as it contains nearly all nutrients required by humans.

Be Pollen has many uses from health benefits, to smoother skin and increased stamina and energy.

We offer our Pollen in Powder and Capsule form in two different package sizes.
Studier's Honeypot
Has a Wide Variety of Honey!
Our Natural Honey can be used for:

Eating straight from the jar and used for cooking.
Honey and Health:

Soothing a sore throat and easing your cough.
Enhanced Stamina:

Energy Boost or improve athletic performance.
Improve Sleep:

Consuming a small amount before bed is a natural sleep remedy
Injury, Burns:

Treat minor cuts, scrapes and burns.

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