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We’re All About Nature’s Goodness

How It All Began

Studier’s Honeypot is a family owned business located in Effingham County, Ga. Started by a 15 year old boy named Herbert Studier in Albert Lea, Minnesota in 1940. It was back in those days when Herbert Studier purchased his first hives from a local preacher. His hobby soon grew into a business. 

And, as the business grew larger the winters grew colder. Forcing Herbert to move his bees south. While down in Georgia, Herbert met southern belle and his wife to ‘bee’, Bessie Helmey. They married in 1947 and had four children

First born son Joseph Studier took over the business, and grew it from a handful of bee hives to a full blown enterprise. It is now buzzing with over 4000 hives and producing over a 300,000 pounds of honey a year, as well as pollinating as far as California. 

We also make honey soaps, sea-salt scrubs, body butter and other honey-based skin care products. Also included in our product portfolio are several kinds of honey and home items you’ll surely love. All produced and packaged at our family owned and operated facilities located in the small-town of Guyton, Georgia.

*Due to shipping liabilities most of our products are only available in our store located in Guyton, Ga.*

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